Warfield Wine Diary 2013

Well here we are – making the first lot of Warfield wines 🙂

The link here shows the grape varieties in the Warfield vineyard BUT I believe that the first row shown is actually missing.

Harvest time

Harvest time

The White

Started off with the white wine on October 12th, choosing those grapes that were sweet enough to pick. Sadly the Riesling grapes weren’t quite ready so I chose a mix of Reichensteiner (40%) ( a little know grape used as a blend in Germany), Chenin Blanc (10%), Muller Thurgau (20%)  and some grapes from my back garden (30% (cannot remember what they were) and a handful of Riesling.

Sweetness level was 1064 (the specific gravity measurement). After crushing and straining I then added 7oz sugar to bring the gravity up to 1070.

The yeast got to work quickly, bubbling like mad. After only 4 days it had virtually stopped so I made the first racking. The wine is off dry (gravity of 1005) so quite a low alcohol 9%. Happy with that for a cheap and cheerful wine to drink young. Should be about 6 bottles.

I got the white wine bottled on January 12th. it is quite dry but fruity too. We will have our first tasting at the group’s AGM (and maybe also at the steering group at the start of Feb).

White wine 2013 in bottle

White wine 2013 in bottle

The Red

OK now onto the red…

Picked the reds on October 24th. Had been raining for a few days before so that might affect the intensity of flavour. Mixture of Pinot Noir (50%), Merlot (20%), Home grapes (20%) (again not sure what they are), Cabernet Sauvignon (10%).

These are fermented on their skins for min 6 days.

Sweetness level was 1070 (the specific gravity measurement). After crushing and straining I then added 9oz sugar to bring the gravity up to 1090. This should give an alcohol content of around 12%.

More to come on the red – it is cobbling in the airing cupboard….

Should be about 10 bottles.

The red has now had two rackings. Alcohol levels are at 12%. The wine is, again, quite dry but I think with a bit of time the fruit might come through. I can always do the cheat’s thing and add a saccharin tablet to each bottle but would rather not. Will try it again in March and then get it bottled.

August 2014

Well better late than never the red is now bottled. Got 10 bottles. It has some fruit but is quite dry and prob needs drinking in next few months.



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