Plot Plan

This is the current plot plan for the group. Beds are numbered so we all know where to put things in. If you want to download a copy then click here.

Below the plan is an aerial shot of the plot taken spring 2016.

Wargrow Plot Plan 2017 v1

Plot aerial 2016_crop

Plot plan 2016

Site panorama:

Site panorama

Site panorama


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Eileen Rowland on July 23, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    Hi to all the growers in Warfield im a GIY grower from the west of Ireland in a wee patch called Mayo where i live a town called Ballina … just popping by to say ( ( HI ) ) and a question for you??? …. i have garlic growing in my small garden and it is going to seed falling over and going yellow (this is my first time growing it) had any one of you had this problem with your garlic and if so what did you do….


    • Hi Eileen,

      This is the time of year when they run to seed anyway. It is quite likely that the garlic under the ground is looking OK. I would dig one of them up to have a look. If the bulb looks good it is best to dig them all up then leave them somewhere warm and dry so that the skins can dry out. Although you can eat them before this as ‘green garlic’. Not as strong a garlicky flavour but just as nice. Cheers Claire.


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