Wise watering tips


Water is a precious resource to be used wisely.

Here are some tips to help maximise the water use.

1. Aim the water directly at the roots and the soil NOT on the foliage
– watering the foliage is wasteful as it will evaporate off and in the case of tomatoes and potatoes creates the moist conditions that the blight likes
2. Try to water in the morning or evening, rather than during the heat of the day

Prioritise what should be watered. Not all crops need as much water and some benefit from a good drenching, rather than little and often.

Plants requiring daily good drink of water –
Tomatoes – if not well watered the fruit split
Runner beans. They also benefit from a light misting of water over the flowers in dry hot weather to help the beans form (otherwise they just shrivel up).

Plants that like a good soak once a week –
Pumpkins and other squash

Plants that require little water once germinated –


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