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Flower festival

The flowers went mad with flowering over the summer and there was constant dead heading. Luckily once the weather cooled a little the flowers slowed down and started to look much fresher.

We grew a really unusual cosmos this year (seashells) with a pretty curled in petal.


Teasel Tops

The teasels have grown well this year. Even once dried they have amazing sculptural qualities. I am bracing myself for being overrun with seedlings. Let’s hope the birds scoff the seeds first.

Warfield wine 2018

Well with a summer like we’ve had it would be silly not to try a little wine.

Hopefully will get around 10 bottles of mixed white grape wine from this lot.

Great harvests despite the heatwave

Thanks to the Herculean watering efforts of the group we have managed to grow a good range of crops this summer.  In the hottest times watering was taking 2+ hours a time. The standout crops have been courgettes, tomatoes and redcurrants.

The runner beans were the biggest casualties of the dry heat and produced very little.

Site tea parties 2018

Been very fortunate to be able to hold three tea parties in glorious sunny weather this summer.

Lots of good home made produce, beetroot hummus, breads, cakes, salads, courgette mess (turning a cake disaster into an opportunity!) and more.

New Seat Store

Our first major purchase from the Tesco grant is a handy seat store so we don’t have to trundle all the way down to the greenhouses to get tools, string etc.

Here is Richard putting it together then taking a well-earned rest.

Success with Tesco Bags for Life

Tesco logo

We were very pleased to have received a generous grant through the local Tesco Bags for Life scheme in May 2018.

We will use the grant in order to improve the experience of using our plot for the members with new materials and to make the greenhouses safer with poly carbonate panels to replace the fragile glass.