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Fantastic results at the Produce Show

Eleanor entered some of our produce at the local produce show.
The onions she grew were excellent and I thought they had a good change of winning, well what great success she had!

She got first place for the red onions which were magnificent.
She received a cup for best overall onions
The most fantastic achievement was to receive a shield for BEST IN SHOW. Yes! Out of all the flowers, photos, veg, cakes and chutneys and crafts Eleanor’s onions were the best exhibit.

Eleanor also selected a couple of courgettes from the plot which also won second place.

I think if we had entered some beetroots we could have got a prize there as well.

Some photos below illustrate the types of things exhibited plus the winning produce and ironmongery.











Sweet peas

The sweet peas this year are brilliant. Such a wonderful scent. Managed to snap a bee on a nasturtium flower too.

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Phew what a scorcher!

Claire and Gun spent a sweltering day giving the hub a jolly good tidy up.

Greenhouse is also nice and tidy now too.

The tomatillos are coming along well with loads of flowers on them.

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A taste of summer

The currants on the plot are really big and juicy. First summer pudding of the year done, with an added twist of a dash of Kirsch!


Garlic harvest

We finally dug up a sample garlic bulb from the onion bed and look how large this one was!

A bumper crop to keep the vampires away! 🙂