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Lovely day for the picnic

At last we had a sunny picnic day. All managed to squeeze around seat McCaslin.

Gun had a flask of boiled water so we had a go at freshly brewed chamomile tea with fresh picked flowers, delicious. To balance out this overly healthy brew we ate chocolate brioche as well 🙂

We ought to try other teas with mint, fennel or lemon balm as well.









Fete accompli

A good day at the Warfield fete today. We had one torrential downpour amid the sunny spells. Bit noisy by the loudspeaker so we had to shout a bit at our customers.  We managed to sell quite a lot of our produce (no Jerusalem Artichokes, funnily enough) and the Friends of Jealott’s Hill also did very well with their tomatoes, spinach and brassicas.

We had on offer bunches of flowers and herbs, tagetes, giant sunflowers, french beans, basil, coriander, thyme, mint, and nasturtiums. It was amazing how much we had managed to grow, more than would fit on the table!

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Flowers, flowers everywhere

The flowers in the hub have been putting on a good show after all this wet and warm weather lately.

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