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Sat 15th March – Please take a seat

Lots of activity on site today. Three more beds dug over, all the dogwoods planted on the edge of the plot and Craig made a good start on getting the seat in position.

The girls really seemed to enjoy playing on the logs and found a lot of ladybirds amongst the woodland strawberries. There really are lots of ladybirds on the plot, which is a good sign.












Sat 8th March – Currant Affairs

What a beautiful day for gardening.

The plot is starting to look really good, ready for the season ahead.

Richard and Dace secured the log seats and widened and dug over a couple of beds.

Craig dug over bed 9 and planted out some garlic plus a couple of horseradish roots over near the compost bins.

Claire mulched the new plum trees and started to tidy up and feed the currants and loganberries. The black plastic is proving excellent for keeping the weed down. Richard (W) put some vine eyes in place ready to tie in the Goji berries .

A good day for photos.

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Sat 22nd Feb – First Signs of Spring

What a glorious sunny day on the plot. Still a little soggy but starting to dry out.

I bagged three sturdy logs to create some seats on the plot. If we plant a few little flowers around these (or turf) this could be a nice rustic addition to the plot.

You can see how mild it has been this winter. The ladybirds were out in force and there was a luminous green caterpillar taking in the rays of the sun.

Tidied up the central hub ready for Monika to plant her plum tree. Cleared one of the hub sectors ready for planting sweet peas later.

The bench in the polytunnel now has some plastic I got for free from Oaktree plus some old matting from Syngenta to help conserve moisture. So we can start some plants off in there where it is more reliably warm than the greenhouse.

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