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Building the Bug Hotel

Had a great time to day building the bug hotel. It looks really fab. Let’s hope lots of bugs move in,


When Nigel moved all the materials over from where they had been dumped he discovered a frog and a field mouse living in the pile. Let’s hope they find their way over to their new home. Great to have a frog to eat all the slugs!

We have planted some crocus around the edges as well as a few marigolds to make it look pretty and encourage the bugs to come visit.

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Celebration day at the Landshare

What a fantastic fun Celebration Day. Great weather, good turnout, lots of fun activities and lots of produce for sale, including freshly squeezed apple juice that was delicious.

Picked a humungous carrot out of the plot. It looks like at least 4 fused together. There is at least one similar one still in bed 6.

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The colour purple

I picked some of the purple carrots on Wednesday. Even when cooked they retain their colouring. Tasty.

Had a good old forage on the plot on Wednesday. Still lots of stuff to pick. The radish in bed 17 are just perfect for picking.

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