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RHS Its Your Neighbourhood

I attended the RHS Britain in Bloom award ceremony in Reading Minster.

Warfield Grow and Share achieved a Thriving rating (4 out of 5) which is a testament  to the hard work put in by the group, especially all the copious watering needed this summer.

The JHCL site received an Outstanding rating and the chaps from Breakthrough received a Developing rating.


In a pickle

What to do with a load of oversized cucumbers – well make a pickle of course.

Managed to make enough that can share with the group at the next meeting. Not enough for if everyone shows up but I doubt they will.

What to do with a load of split ripe tomatoes – oven roast them for a delicious pasta sauce. Add some to aubergines, peppers, garlic, courgette and onion for a heavenly ratatouille.

What to do with a mooli (Chinese radish) – chuck it in a veg stock with a load of holey rocket leaves for a nutritious soup.

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Sunsets and flowers

Took the opportunity last week to take a few pics. It was beautiful up there one evening as the sun was setting.


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The importance of tickling

This sweetcorn shows what happens when the kernels don;t get fertilised – you get gaps in the cob.

The best way to prevent this is to:

a) plant the corn in blocks at least 3 deep so that the wind in any direction blows the pollen to the adjacent plants

b) you can help them along by tickling them! Just take the long tassels (male parts) from the top of one plant and jiggle it near the lower down female parts (they have the silky tassels). This helps to ensure all the flowers get pollinated.

I have also posted a picture showing the importance of really digging thoroughly to dig up potatoes. I found ALL these where some had previously been dug up – quite a few! The Fir Apples in particular seem to be quite deep in the ground so always have a good rifle around.