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Picnic Sat Aug 17th

Managed to get the picnic in before the rain came.

FangMing’s wife made a lovely Chinese flatbread for us to try and Hans brought along some of the greens from the plot and his garden as well as a very tasty sweet pancake with coconut and sesame seeds.

We had some of the tomatoes from the poly tunnel with some of the basil. Basil is very strong – must be all the sunshine.

For dessert we had chocolate and beetroot cake. You could not really taste the beetroot but I  think it helped to keep the cake moist.



On Site 4th August – Cow Mobbing

Decided to take a look at the beehive today. Got flash mobbed by an inquisitive and very noisy heard of heffers.

Took time out to get a few pics from around our site and the orchard.


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The Pumpkin Competition – The Race is On!



So now we are getting serious. We have 4 contenders plus Craig’s languishing in the poly tunnel.

Pictures of each contender below. Mike is so far out in front by about 4 inches and the other 3 are at about the same stage.

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