An RHS kinda week – Jul 13th

Well it’s been a bit of an RHS week, what with attending the In Bloom reception at South Hill Park on Tuesday, being assessed for Its Your Neighbourhood on Wednesday, then a visit to a very hot Hampton Court Flower Show on Friday.

Too hot to spend long down there this morning, just long enough for a quick bit of watering and a radish raid. The ones in the ‘Y’ bed are huge and delicious.

Picked a few raspberries too. Managed to get the hose to reach all but about 4 of the canes. The whole area looks a mess, but probably now a blitz job for the autumn.

My Dad has given me an unwanted seep hose. Once we get the right connectors we can use this to give the runners a good soak, whilst getting on with other plot jobs.

Look at this amazing aerial photo of the plot – I can’t believe how big our bit looks. Very impressed how circular the hub is and how ramrod straight the beds Mike re-edged are.  When you see it like this no wonder it takes hours to water! I have posted this to the Plot Plan page as well with our plot delimited.


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