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BBC Radio Berks – Sat 29th June

Went up to Caversham Heights for another update on our activities at the Landshare.


Transcript of the discussion is here – last hour of the show.

Nicki Whiteman and Henry Kelly - Radio Berks

Nicki Whiteman and Henry Kelly – Radio Berks


Pics from Warfield Fete – June 8th

We attended Warfield to give away French Beans and herbs to the good folks of Warfield. We couldn’t give them away, people wanted to pay! So we raised £20.00 towards seeds for next year which is great. A few people expressed an interest in joining our group.


The denouement of an artichoke

Picked the first globe artichoke today to see what could be done with it. Here is a blow by blow account of cooking thru eating.

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  • Boiled for 30 mins in water with bay, lemon juice, white wine, salt and olive oil
  • Removed leaves and dipped in vinaigrette. Ate the fleshy part at base of each leaf
  • Finally got down to the central heart
  • Got rid of all the fluffy stuff
  • Then ate the heart

Bit of an experience but not sure worth all the bother.







Sat June 22nd – Picnic and planting

Bit of a showery day for a picnic but we managed to eat before the heavens opened. Foraged some radishes, a good hearty lettuce and a few calendula flowers to decorate a salad.

Eight of us plus the four girls headed off to the plot to do some good work. Achieved lots today. Here’s what we did:

  • Sowed 3 variety of kale, some purple sprouting and some french beans in polytunnel, plus a tray of cut and come again salad
  • Planted cucumbers and melons between the sweetcorn (2 out of the 3 sisters – look it up!)
  • Planted out remaining beetroot at end of bed 18
  • Planted out some broad bean plants in bed 10 and weeded and fed with chicken manure (need another tub of this)
  • Weeded the onion bed
  • Planted out some marrows
  • Tied in beans and sweet peas
  • Liberated some good compost from bottom of the heap and mulched the sweetcorn, squash and bed 6 (ready for kale or maybe pumpkins)

Monika has taught the girls a neat skill she learned as a child. Theading the woodland strawberries onto a piece of grass to make a bracelet. The kids really enjoyed foraging these little beauties. Not long until the main event strawberries ripen now 🙂

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Sat 15th June – Helping the Bees

Sage in full bloom

Sage in full bloom

The sage in the hub is looking absolutely stunning and is covered with bees at present.







Helped out the parish council this week by growing and planting out 25 Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins. These can be used for pumpkin carving during the Northern Parish Arts Week.

Planting out the parish pumpkins

Planting out the parish pumpkins


Sat 1st June – Talk on Radio Berkshire




Went to talk about our project on the Nicki Whiteman show at 9pm this Saturday. Was surprised to have 3 talking slots. Made a faux pas and mentioned Waitrose on a non commercial radio station – whoops! But We probably owe them that for all the help they have given the Landshare.

Transcript is here for next 7 days – last hour of the show (3rd hour).

Friday 31st May – A Yellow Sphere Was Spotted in the Sky!

Beautiful day!

Mike dug over bed 5 and got rid of the kale, all ready for planting leeks.

All the potatoes were earthed up and the paths tidied up. Looks very tidy.

Got the first lot of sweetcorn plants in at last. Still another lot just coming up in polytunnel so they can go in as a later picking in about three weeks time.