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Sun May 19th – Various Updates

Busy week on the plot.

There are flowers coming on one of the globe artichokes.

The asparagus looks very poorly. Some of the crowns got exposed after the heavy rains – think they have had it 😦

Following has been done:

  • Courgettes and beetroot planted in bed 18
  • French beans planted in beds 1 and 2
  • Most of sweet peas planted in centre hub
  • Row of Kind Ed potatoes earthed up
  • Herb bed weeded
  • Raspberry beds weeded
  • Flower bed 1 weeded
  • 77 cabbage and 22 brussels sprouts planted
  • Onion bed weeded
  • Bed 8 prepped for cucumbers
  • Bed 14 hoed ready for calabrese
  • More sweetcron sown in modules
  • A big tub of flowers to train up greenhouse planted (morning glory, nasturtiums, marigolds)

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