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Sat 27th April – Bean Busy

Eleanor planted out a few more broad beans and finished weeding the ‘Y’ bed.

The daffodils on the site look absolutely stunning.


Sat 20th and Sun 21st – Really Getting Going

What a great week for working on the plot. Lot’s done!

  • All the potatoes in
  • Fruit cage supports complete
  • Wildflower bed sown
  • Tullameen raspberries in
  • 2 row carrots
  • 1 row parsnips
  • Melons sown
  • Bush tomatoes sown
  • Bit of weeding

All looking tickety boo 🙂

Sun 14th – Spring at last!

All in all a very productive week on the plot:

  • Lots of seeds planted by Monika and Claire
  • Fruit cage posts put in by Mike in the pouring rain
  • Potato beds dug by Eleanor and Terry
  • First lot of broad beans put in bed 10 by Eleanor
  • More onions planted by Sue and Ian
  • Weeding by Claire – we are going to be OVERRUN next week – guaranteed!
  • IYN beds dug by Claire and the ‘I’ sown with some of the RHS seed
  • Some flowers added to the hub – day lilies and Michaelmas daisies

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Next weekend – in with the potatoes…

Take & Grow Sat 6th Apr

We attended the parish Take&Grow event this morning. Good attendance and we had a bit of interest. Gave away a few alpine strawberry plants.

Most interesting of all is that two people have paid £100+ for plots on the Moss End site. Had they have heard about us they would perhaps have joined our group – oh well 😦

Fri Apr 5th – A fruitful day

Brrr – still freezing on site with a biting wind. The wind is starting to dry things out – watering is becoming a neccessity.

Finished planting all the fruit out today – the remaining currants and the strawberries. All have been fed with potash which is good for encouraging flowering (and therefore fruit :-))

Thanks go to Monika and Eleanor for their help on the fruit planting and those who helped get the weed matting in place.

We have a bridge! Mike has set up a great bridge over the ditch so we can at last get the wheelbarrow across without mishaps.