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Weds 13th March – Day 1 Big Dig

Radio Berkshire were on site for day one of the 10 Day Big Dig to publicise the good work being done. They plan to follow progress at JHCL over next 6 months.


Sun 10th March – Give Peas a Chance on a Dog Day Afternoon

Raided my Mum’s garden yesterday for Cornus cuttings (Dogwood). All potted up now and hopefully some of them will strike so we can use them as a colourful red screen between our plot and the next.

Sowed up some climbing and dwarf peas in deep pots and some more sweet peas.

The radish sowed 4 weeks ago is doing well in the greenhouse. Should we shove ’em out in the icy cold? Maybe not.

Dogwood Cuttings

Dogwood Cuttings

Sat 2nd March – Know your onions

Eleanor, Sue and Claire planted out 3 heads of garlic and lots of Hercules onions.

All nicely tucked up in fleece to keep the vermin out.

Planted out some overwintered Swiss Chard which may or may not do something this spring. Also tidied up the herb patch and split and moved some of the plants as they were a bit crowded.

Sowed – Cos lettuce, Mizuna and Spinach. Book updated with a things to do list.

There was a glorious sunset tonight. Caught a weird reflected picture in the greenhouse.

Sat 23rd Feb – Weed Matters

On a very chilly day we got the weed matting down for the 30 currant bushes.

Also put a row down where the next lot of strawberries will go. Planting through the matting has a few benefits:

  • The black plastic warms the soil up
  • Keeps the fruit clear of any mud
  • Hopefully keeps some of the slugs at bay

Let’s wait and see…