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Sat 5th Jan – Walk ‘n’ Wassail 2013 Pics

There was a very good turnout for the 2013 apple wassail at the landshare.

Hugh the Rights of Way Ranger led a 2.5 mile walk around Warfield before the group repaired to the landshare for the wassail ceremony. This commenced with morris dancing with members of the audience roped in to have a go.

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A wassail queen was crowned after finding the bean in a fruit cake and she chose a young man to be her wassail king.

After some singing the crowd moved to the orchard (some huddling around the fire for warmth) where the wassail ceremony was carried out. This ancient pagan ceremony involved burying a wren (actually a wren finger puppet), putting toast in the branches of the tree and pouring cider around the tree roots.

Then after much shouting to ward away evil spirits we all headed for the inn (the barn) for cider, apple juice, cakes and biscuits.