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Sun 28th October – Marrowthon

Eleanor and Claire trundled a big pumpkin, a marrow and a basket of gourds for the Bracknell Hort Society Marrowthon.

Sadly we did not win any prizes but we came third with the pumpkin weighing in at 38lbs. The winner was 44lbs. We had the biggest marrow by far.

We came away with some free seeds of Hundredweight pumpkin, maybe next year….

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Sat 27th October – Asparagus Tips

First chilly day of the autumn but bright.

Eleanor and Claire planted out most of the asparagus spears. Still around 12 to go in before the ground gets too cold.

Here we have some pictures showing the planting technique. We also gathered in all the pumpkins and gourds and made a little arrangement by the greenhouse.

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13 October – Seasons of Mist etc etc

Harvested some of the ornamental squash and cut some of the pumpkins.

Got all the onions and garlic in for over wintering.

Sat 5th October – Glorious Day

Wow what a glorious day for cultivating. Warm sunshine, wet ground – perfect.

We got lots done today:

  • Tidied up strawberry patch and potted up 100s of runners
  • Dug over and manured next bed ready to receive the runners in spring
  • Planted out some chard
  • Planted out some Sweet Williams and Wallflowers
  • Manured part of parsnip bed, ready for onions and garlic
  • Planted long row of leeks, rescued from obscurity in the weeds

Good stuff – getting ready for next Spring!

Cooking the fruits of our labours makes all the hard work worthwhile – here is a picture of my Sunday dinner – Poussin (bought) and curly kale, pink fir apple potatoes, artichokes, beetroot and shallots – all home grown! Delicious.

All veg home grown

Wed 3rd October – Purple sprouting menace and a sea of curcubits

Planted lots of purple sprouting on Saturday 29th September and attempted to protect them from pesky birds.

Went back this Wednesday and the piegeons had eaten the lot 😦

Never being a quitter planted the spare ones and now completely covered in fleece.

Saw a little brown mouse hanging around the greenhouse. He has been having a veritable feast on sunflower seeds, garlic, onions and potatoes. Maybe he needs to meet the fate of Eleanor’s poor mouse that met his Waterloo in the potato patch.

Squashes looking good – soon ready to harvest.

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