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Sat 18th July – Blighted :-(

Oh dear we have lost a whole bed of about 50 tomatoes to blight. Salvaged what we can and hopefully they will ripen OK.

Sunflowers are doing fabulously. We have entered one into the Warfield parish tallest sunflower competition.

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Very hot (30 degrees) on site.

Mike did a fantastic job weeding the paths.

Sue got the onions up and weeded that bed.

Claire had a go at weedkilling with a rubbish sprayer and planted out the last of the cabbages and pricked out the Sweet Williams plus lots of other bits and bobs.

The squash and cucumbers are loving the hot weather. Lots of runner and french beans too.


Wed 25th July – Scorchio

Wow – it was 30 degrees at JH today.

As it was so sunny took the opportunity to do some video and photos. Here is a selection of photos.

Shows off the newly covered brassicas – let’s hope that keeps the critters at bay, the water tank and the compost heap. The parish council visited in the evening. Good turn out and I think they enjoyed their look around. They went away with a bag of potatoes and some broad beans.

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