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Sun 15th July – Tidy up for RHS

At last the sun shone on us. Enjoyed a picnic and spent time getting the plot ready for tomorrow’s RHS visit.

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The wildflowers are looking fabulous now.

Jobs done:

  • Planted out remaining french beans, dahlias, alpine strawberries, lettuce, buddleia
  • Tidied up greenhouse
  • Fed the squash and tomatoes
  • Did some weeding
  • Dug up half a row of first early potatoes
  • Planted some rocket

Sat 7th July – Vampires beware

Dug up the garlic and over wintered onions today. They were being attacked by wire worms but on the whole look pretty good.

Planted 100s of runner beans given to us by Syngenta (they were destined for the skip) and some Chinese Leaf.

Sat 30th June – Wildflowers

A very poorly attended open day for the site.

Our group (Eleanor and Claire) helped out with the watering and putting up poles for runner beans in the community area.

The wildflowers are just starting to come out. They can only get better over next few weeks.

First flush of wildflowers

The dip tank is now in action, just in time for the hosepipe ban to be lifted 😦 BUT the good news is Craig has bought some hose and a spray gun so we can more easily water the site  – good job!

Some very successful Yugoslavian red lettuce. Planting under the cold frame obviously made a difference.

Yugoslavian red lettuces





Other jobs done:

  • Some of the dahlias with better root systems planted in the hub
  • Planted out a pumpkin next to the courgette plants
  • Planted out remaining marigolds
  • Pinched out broad beans
  • Pulled up old radishes
  • Watered whole plot and greenhouse

Sat 23rd June – Our first picnic

Despite the iffy weather we managed to enjoy a picnic.

We had a rhubarb fool made from the rhubarb on site and had a quick forage to create a sald of Mizuna, Rocket, Mixed leaves and Broad beans. All very yummy and you can’t get fresher than that.

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Jobs done:

  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Planting out celeriac
  • Sowing some more climbing beans

Sat June 9th – Suffering from wind

Wow it gets mighty windy down here.

The wind has broken a cold frame light and the greenhouse opener too.

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