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Sun May 24th – Sweltering

Geez it was hot up there today!

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Still we managed to achieve a lot:

  • Put up pea netting
  • Planted some more mange tout plants
  • Planted out some more runner beans
  • Fed the beans and peas with liquid feed
  • Dug and manured the ‘A’ bed ready for tomatoes
  • Earthed up potatoes
  • Planted out some Yugoslavian Red Cabbages under cold frame
  • Pulled up all the first lot of radish that were planted. Some were HUGE. Never seen such big radish. They are very hot
  • Planted out another row of raspberry canes (they were growing in wrong place in my veg patch at home!)
  • Tidied up greenhouse a bit – chucked out the salad that has bolted and put another drip tray under toms
  • More weeding – this will never end!
  • Created a ‘things to do’ section in the diary

Sat May 5th – Blossoming

The apple blossom is just coming out now.

Apple Blossom - May 5th 2012

Apple Blossom – May 5th 2012












Finally getting the greenhouse straight. All fully glazed now. Just need to get the staging secured.

Greenhouse - fully glazed May 5th 2012

Greenhouse – fully glazed May 5th 2012