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Sun 28th April – Rabbit rabbit



OMG – Eleanor and I saw a very plump rabbit shooting across the site this afternoon! Will have to alert David. I think with all this wet weather they are able to dig under the wire netting.

Very soggy in places down there. The greenhouse resembles Noah’s Ark.

Thankfully our plot is free draining (probably as a result of the ploughing). We do, however have a moat on the near edge!

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Craig has banged some stout stumps into the pea bed and Eleanor has planted out some Mange Tout. We probably ought to get another sowing in so we get some in every 3-4 weeks.

Also planted out a short row of beetroot and sowed another row next to it (variety Boltardy). Craig and Maisie planted some more sunflower seeds and some runner beans (Jack’s Beanstalk I think they were).

The radish planted a few weeks back is doing quite well. And the green manures and wildflowers are also sprouting already.


Sat 21st April – A tale of 3 manures

Flower planting 21 Apr 2012

Flower planting 21 Apr 2012



Just three of us and two kiddies today. Weather stayed fine until late on.




Manure 1

Planted some more green manures in the patch Craig dug over.

RHS kindly gave us another packet of wildflower seed so Eleanor got that into the area near raspberries.

Manure 2

Finished adding chicken manure pellets to the potato bed. The girls were fascinated by them and helped with the sprinkling.

Manure 3

Dug trenches in two beds and shovelled lots of the cow manure in, ready for planting beans in May. This will give them a good boost and hopefully help retain much needed moisture around the roots.

Playing horsey

Playing horsey

Other Stuff

Monika and the girls planted some Clary and Nasturtiums into the hub in a rainbow pattern and some turnips in the parsnip bed.

The kids amused themselves playing horsey with a hoe- very inventive!

Claire planted the rest of the sweetcorn (Invincible) in the greenhouse.






Sun 15th April – Going Wild

In support of the RHS National Gardening Week we planted a 10 sq/m area of wildflowers up near the raspberries. A mixture of corncockle, cornflower, corn marigold, corn poppy, corn chamomile.

Some of our newer members – Sue, Alan and their two children came along to help today – welcome!

As a result of us attending the Warfield Parish Take & Grow event we may have recruited 2 new members with their daughter.



Other things planted were –

Direct in the plot

Radish – French Breakfast
Green manure – Alfalfa, Mustard – we need some more to cover what Craig has dug over.
Herbs – mint, chives, oregano (AKA majoram)

Some cut and come again Mizuna and Red Leaf Radish. We had out first harvest off these! Luckily we covered these with a cloche as that night there was a hard frost. Only thing with that is they won’t benefit from the rain.

In the greenhouse

Mixed Oriental Salad – in trays
Rocket – in trays
Yugoslavian Red Lettuce – in trays
Marrow – can’t remember which one – 8 in a pot
Cucumber – Marketmore – 8 (?) in pots

Potatoes –
As we are still experiencing frosts some of the potaotoes that were showing their faces were earthed up, after sprinklng some chicken manure to give them some nutrients. With the wet weather expected this is a good time to do this to get it washed in.




Fri 13th April – Carrots and Parsnips

Wednesday 11th Monika planted sunflower (next to sweetcorn at end of our plot), leeks, celeriac, more runner beans, brussel sprouts in trays and pots.

Friday was ideal seed planting day as we had quite a bit of rain to moisten the soil. Claire and Monika planted –

1700 carrots – 3 varieties

800 parsnips

Also flowers in the greenhouse –


Calendula (pot marigold)

Tap tap

Two standpipes have been set up on site by Syngenta – THANK YOU!

The one nearest our plot is yet to be connected but hopefully will be soon.

The Hosepipe Ban

You are not allowed to use a hosepipe on allotments. All water to come from watering cans (which cannot be filled from a hosepipe).

It has been confirmed we cannot use a hospipe. We can only fill watering cans from a newly erected standpipe near our plot.

A few top tips:

  • Carrots, sweetcorn and pumpkin or squash make good use of water and need minimal water
  • In longer term consider more fruit, asparagus and rhubarb – these need less water than veg
  • Avoid digging after April to stop soil moisture loss and just scratch the surface to sow seeds
  • Fertiliser will help plants grow good roots to search out moisture
  • Fruit and veg make best use of limited water if irrigated when the edible portion is forming or swelling

Useful links for information on the hosepipe ban and growing/watering advice:


Thames Water

Open Day – Sat 31st March

Sign for Open Day 31st March 2012

Not a resounding success but we did have a visit from Whitegrove School who expressed an interest in joining in on our plot and two associate members (Colleen and Adrian) came for a look round.




Good day’s planting of hundreds of potatoes, shallots and strawberries.

Planting potatoes 31st March 2012

Planting potatoes 31st March 2012


Artistic potatoes (well I liked them!)

Potato Art

Potato Art





Had time for a picnic and carrot cake.

Picnic 31st March 2012

Picnic 31st March 2012