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Sat 25th Feb – Know your onions

Planted out nearly a whole bed of onion sets.

Marked out some more beds (will it never end!)


Sun 19th Feb – More beds than Slumberland

Marked out some more beds along boundary and added some more sturdy posts to mark out the beds.

Finished mulching the raspberries with cow manure.

Added some compost to the hub.

Planted out some more broad bean plants.

Seeds – broad beans and radish (bed 3).

Fri 17th Feb – Rhubarb, rhubarb

Planted up 2 more rhubarb crowns today.

We have a big pile of cow manure near our plot too. We are allowed to have 2/5ths of it (maybe more if no-one else takes the plots next door).

Also have a small pile of the Shorts compost that we can use for mulching/soil conditioning.

Levelled out the path so it runs right across the plot now.

Sat 4th Feb – Vine pruning

Helped to complete the vine pruning on a very chilly but beautiful sunny day. They have been given a good haircut so might not do much this year.

Vine pruning Feb 4 2012

Vine pruning Feb 4 2012










An inquisitive Robin was hopping about over the bare earth the whole time we were there.

Robin on vine Feb 4 2012

Robin on vine Feb 4 2012