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Sun 22 Jan – Ever increasing circles

How many Wargrow members does it take to plot a circle?

More than you might think. After much debate we managed to plot out and mark one circular hub (for sunflowers and artichokes) with a path and another large circle around that which will be marked out into segments for flowers and herbs. Finished article looked very good, especially after using Ian’s half moon to edge it.

We also marked out 2 other rectangular beds.


Sun 15th Jan 2012 – Plans and Plots

Reviewed and suggested changes to plot plans. Wrote up a list of fruit and veg we would like to try.

Marked out 3 more beds and a path across the site.

New path across plot Jan 2012

New path across plot Jan 2012

Sat 7th Jan 2012 – Raspberries and rhubarb

We finished planting out the raspberry canes but ran out of tree guards. Let’s hope the deer don’t fancy a nibble!

Marked out a central circular bed which we plan to use for flowers and herbs. Craig was ‘ably’ helped by three youngsters.

In front of that marked out a bed to be used for rhubarb and possibly jerusalem artichokes. Eleanor supplied a rhubarb crown so we have one to get started with.

Ian planted up the remaining 18 or so onion sets in same bed as the others we planted. The garlic and onions are sprouting BUT the garlic really need some hard frosty weather to help them split and form good heads.


Thursday 29th Dec – Broad beans and raspberries

Planted some broad beans and the first 2 rows of raspberries.

Broad bean planting Dec 29th 2011

First row of broad beans

We planted 2 rows of Glen Moy raspberry canes (18 canes). Still 36 to go!

Raspberry planting Dec 29th 2011

Planting Glen Moy raspberry canes